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Ads take viewers back in time

Written by: Abbie Baggerly

The Super Bowl is known not only for its football but also for its commercials.  Every year millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl for its funny, touching and heartfelt commercials. 

Unfortunately, the 2014 Super Bowl was a let-down. Both the game and the commercials were a little lackluster. Few commercials made it to the Best List. 

The best Super Bowl 2014 commercial was by far the Budweiser commercial, “Puppy Love.” It featured a golden retriever puppy that has to leave his best friend, which happens to be a horse.

Some of the other good Super Bowl commercials were from RadioShack, Doritos and M&M’s.

RadioShack’s commercial featured ‘80s celebs Hulk Hogan, Chucky, Alf and the California Raisins reclaiming their old items and preparing a store for the future. The Doritos commercials never disappoint, especially this year with “The Time Machine.”

Another favorite was the very popular M&M’s commercial. Split into two parts, viewers were left wondering what would happen to the lovable yellow M&M.

One commercial evoked a sense of nostalgia when it reunited characters from the popular ‘90s sitcom, “Full House.”  The Dannon Oikos commercial, “The Spill,” seemed very risqué at first, showing John Stamos and a beautiful woman seductively eating (or rather, spilling) yogurt. However, when Stamos was interrupted by Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, the trio created a laugh from the good old days.

A few commercials seemed to go straight to the heart.  “America is Beautiful” by Coca-Cola was touching, and it created a sense of America.  Microsoft’s “Empowering” commercial was very moving with its look at some innovations that continue to change people’s lives. “A Hero’s Welcome” is another tender commercial that hits home with many families around America that have loved ones in the military.

The Worst List seems to be heavy this year, with the Godaddy.com commercial leading the pack. The commercial featured NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and several buff men running around in the street; it didn’t make much sense.

Another commercial on the Worst List was the Axe body spray commercial.  It was very misleading. At first, it seemed to be about romance, and it was a surprise to find out it was actually about body spray. 

Lastly, the Chevrolet commercial was nothing special. It was about a man, a truck and a job to complete. 


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