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SGA seeks campus safety additions

Written by: Joe Adgie

The SGA has requested safety improvements at various crosswalks and intersections around VSU.

That package, which included recommended additions to select crosswalks, school-zone speed limits and crossing guards, was voted on during Monday night’s meeting.

The resolution passed unanimously.

“Basically, what the resolution states is here at SGA, we’re working in the best interests of the student body, not just students today but future students as well,” Senator Nick Buford said. “With that, we’re basically recommending several things to the university to look at when it comes to pedestrian safety.”

Among the recommendations approved by SGA was a push for VSU “to advocate to the city and county” to look at the speed limits around campus.

“Most of those speed limits are around 35 to 40 mph, which is too high when you have so many pedestrians crossing at a given time,” Buford said.

Also included was a request for lighting and signs “where there is a heavy number of pedestrians crossing to and from class,” and more specifically, at seven locations: at North Campus, on the intersections of Baytree Road and Oak Street, Brookwood and Patterson, Brookwood and Oak, Oak and College, and Patterson and College.

The resolution also mentions school-zone speed limits and crossing guards, as well as several items that were added at the request of senators.

“I’m a mass media student, and I cross the street going to the UC all the time, and I press that [crosswalk] button, and I don’t know if the drivers can see that red light blinking because they still speed through that intersection anyway,” said Senator Ieshia Lilly.

Lilly was referencing the crosswalk on Patterson Street between the University Center and Martin Hall, which has a warning light on its crosswalk that pedestrians can press to warn incoming traffic.

“We could use what already exists at those busy intersections, and offset the timers for when people walk versus when the green lights are on, so you wouldn’t have to install any lights,” Senator Tamara Dunn said. “That’s a free thing they could do; just offset those lights, so you have your time to walk…and then the green light goes on.”

“I know Florida State, at all of their crosswalks, there’s a noisemaker,” Secretary Kara Fountain said. “It’s so annoying and obnoxious, but it alerts the students that that’s the only time they can be walking…It’s louder than the cars, and you can hear it.”

Another senator pointed out that the beeping noise would also be beneficial for blind students, who would then know the right time to cross.

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