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Do you think a $100 fine is acceptable for guns on campus?

Chelsea King
psychology major

“I do agree that it is acceptable for someone to be charged $100 fine because anybody could get upset at anything and then they can just pull the trigger if they feel like they’re ready to. It’s a big danger to have a gun on campus and I do not agree. Leave that to the police.”

Nick Selph
mass media major

“I think it’s a good idea in theory, but then again there’s like a gray area with some people, you know, you’ve got crazy people that might just bring a gun and nobody knows about it then you might have really nice people that carry a gun for their own safety get charged $100. So it’s kind of a yes and no answer for me, but that’s how I feel about it.”

Jennifer Suda
history major

“I think that’s valid. I don’t really want guns on campus to begin with so a fine for anyone that would have them would hopefully deter people from bringing them to school.”

Parion Mitchell
psychology major

 I think it should be a little higher. I want people to be scared to bring a gun on campus because of fines. I don’t feel safe with people bringing guns on campus. I don’t like that association: guns and school.  I just don’t feel safe with guns being on campus.

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