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Faculty Senate speaks safety

written by: LaMarcus Wilkerson

The Faculty Senate will meet today to discuss a final report created by VSU’s Special Committee on Safety and Security, which focuses solely on campus safety issues.

The meeting will take place at 3 p.m. in the University Center’s Magnolia Room.

The committee was formed to address problems in VSU’s security system and met all throughout last semester.

After a careful and thorough evaluation of VSU’s resources and conditions, the committee has offered several recommendations and comments to the Faculty Senate in the form of a final report. These suggestions include increased awareness of safety escort services, a regulation of shuttle stops on campus, an increase in the campus police force and an expansion of student patrol routes at night.

A key point of the committee’s report is that VSU needs to increase its manpower for programs like the VSUPD and the Student Patrol in order to create a safer environment on campus. The report states that an ideal ratio for police officers to students is three officers for every 1,000 students, meaning that the VSUPD is under-staffed.

The committee’s report also recognizes the need for increased lighting and more traffic signage at several pedestrian crossings and walkways across campus.

Furthermore, the report mentions the location of the University Center’s ATM.

Previously, there have been a number of incidents at the ATM, and the committee suggests putting another ATM at a safer location, such as the Student Union.

The committee also recommends increased camera coverage across campus.

Campus safety has been a significant concern for many at VSU after a student was struck by a truck while in the middle of a crosswalk and later died.

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