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Hopper Hall boiler meltdown still has students boiling over

written by: Joe Adgie

The boiler issues at Hopper Hall have entered their second week, and President McKinney is getting involved.

A couple of students tweeted McKinney on Wednesday, disgruntled over being without hot water.

“I would like to know why I paid over $2,000 and I have not been able to take a hot shower in a month,” asked a Twitter user known as “BiggDaddyBri.”

The Twitter user also requested a refund for the previous month because of this lack of hot water.

McKinney sent an email to Hopper Hall residents on Wednesday.

“This morning, I was made aware through Twitter of systemic and ongoing issues with the hot water in Hopper Hall,” McKinney wrote. “This information is contrary to information I have been receiving over the course of the last two weeks.”

McKinney went on to tell the residents of Hopper that “I am now seeing to this matter personally.”

Ryan Teter, assistant director of facilities for VSU Housing, gave a status update in another email sent on Wednesday.

“A plumber will be working in Hopper Hall to install a part that might improve delivery of hot water from the temporary hot water heater to your suite,” Teter wrote. “Plant operations will also be working to increase the hot water capacity in an additional effort to improve hot water delivery.”

Teter also wrote that a shuttle will begin operating for Hopper residents to take them to showers at the P.E. Complex between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. from Monday through Friday.

No timetable was given by either McKinney or Teter on when permanent repairs to the hot water heaters would be completed at Hopper Hall or when the temporary boiler would be removed.

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