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Mr. Adgie Goes to Washington: Facing the fear of flight

Getting to Washington via plane isn’t so bad, unless you’ve got a fear of flight stronger than you thought. That was me today as I flew from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to Reagan National Airport in Washington. I am typing this from my room at the Americana Hotel, a room I’ll stay at for one night before I head over to the Marriott to start off the fun of this Washington trip.

And it will be a fun trip, without question. A look at my itinerary will find that tomorrow, I am scheduled to visit the headquarters of the National Security Agency. On Thursday, I am scheduled to visit the Newseum, interview Senator Johnny Isakson, visit the National Security Archive at George Washington, and have dinner at the National Press Club, the National Newspaper Association’s “We Believe in Newspapers” dinner, featuring keynote speaker Bob Schieffer of CBS News. On Friday, we’re scheduled to meet at Gallup International before heading back home for Spring Break on Friday evening.

Frankly, I’m just glad I’m off the plane. I knew I was afraid of flying, and I somewhat dreaded the idea of flying for the past two weeks or so. I didn’t realize how bad my fear of flying really was.

Then, we were cleared for takeoff, and the plane started accelerating to liftoff speed. My nerves almost got the best of me, and I came damn close to completely losing it as the plane left the ground. The turbulence we felt on the flight didn’t serve to help my nerves any, and it wasn’t until we were at cruising altitude and I was sipping on a Jack and Coke did I truly feel relaxed.

Part of me, however, considered hitching a ride on Amtrak for the return trip. I frickin’ hate flying, much more so than I thought I did.

Either way, it shall be a tremendous trip, and I’ll report back every day with updates from our nation’s capital. Tomorrow, I’ll discuss – as much as I can – the NSA and wiretapping. I’m hoping to gain some interesting insights into the topic of wiretapping this week, and hopefully relay these onto you, the VSU student.

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  1. Neil Shearing, Ph.D.

    I’m happy you managed to relax on the flight, eventually. The more flights you take, the more you should become accustomed to them, although alcohol may interfere with that process if you have too much!

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