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Centennial gets crowned

UPDATE: Article has been edited for accuracy

Basketball team Centennial, one of the top teams in the intramurals league, triumphed over Brown Hall in the championship game.

Centennial won 49-42 in a close game.

Centennial’s last game against Brown Hall ended in a tie, but Centennial couldn’t manage to clinch the win in the final game

“You win some, you lose some,” Centennial forward TJ Johnson said. “We had an exciting semester and hope to compete against some new teams next year.”

The Centennial team is predominately juniors and seniors, and they have been practicing twice a week in the rec center since February.

The team had to play a handful of teams to get to the championship game, including Reed Hall, who they faced in the playoffs.

Centennial won the semifinals game against Reed Hall 53-51 and went 4-1 on the season.

Although the basketball championship is over, there are many other intramurals sports that haven’t yet held their championship games.

For more information regarding upcoming games, go to imleauges.com.


This article was written by Victoria Johnson. 

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  1. Centennial won the championship game. Not Brown.
    This article is false.

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