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Resolutions makes society better

by Jordan Hill

Resolutions are meant to be kept, not ditched less than a month into the New Year.

Students partake in making New Year’s Resolutions and this week is typically when students abandon those resolutions.

Do not stop now! You are 22 days into your resolution.

A study taken by Stop Procrastinating surveyed 1000 college students in America. The top 10 goals are as follows: a meaningful relationship and/or to change partners, more sleep, less war and more people, reduce debts, more quality time with books, more real friends, more study, cook real food, laugh more and just move.

The top goals that millennials made show they are not as lazy as many critics say they are. College students are concerned with the well-being of the country and the well-being of themselves, which is a great thing for our country.

If everyone made a resolution to recycle their cans, think of how much better our world would be. If everyone made a resolution to donate to charity, think of the number of lives that could be changed.

In order for our generation to better our society, we must better ourselves. Whether your resolution is to get back in the gym or make better grades, it is a great resolution; stick to it.

There is no reason to stop making yourself, your society and your country better.

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