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Laby Blazers look for a spark of luck

by Niamani Carlyle-Hollis

The Lady Blazers look to spark a win streak at the Complex on Thursday, Feb.5, when they take on Mississippi College.

Against Lee University, Senior Maggie Davis put up a career high 23 points and April Thomas added 21 points of her own giving the Lady Blazers the ammo needed to take down the Lady Flames 64-63. With this win the Lady Blazers were able to improve to a 10-11 overall, 6-9 in GSC play record.

This upcoming Thursday the Lady Blazers look forward to taking on Mississippi College’s Lady Choctaws. During their first meeting, the Lady Blazers seemed too much for the Lady Choctaws to handle. After a free throw made by April Thomas in the first forty-five seconds of the game, the Lady Blazers never seemed to look back and were able to maintain their lead for the rest of the game. The Lady Choctaws were unable to score for over three minutes into the game before finally making a layup. April Thomas led the team in scoring ending the night with 19 points shooting 3-6 from behind the arc.

With Mississippi College heading our way to try and redeem themselves, Assistant Head Coach Jennifer Grubbs explained the team’s defensive plan to defeat the Lady Choctaws. “They are a really big team as far as height, so we have to do a great job with post play defensively and keep them up and off the lane as much as possible.” As far as their guard play was concerned, Grubbs had to say, “Their guards are extremely quick off the dribble, so we also have to make sure we do a good job of containing the dribble drive and not having to help as much, so that their post players are not left open for easy baskets. Basically we have to play great individual defense, as well as great team defense in order to get a good outcome.”

In their first matchup the Lady Blazers were able to score 21 points off the turnovers made by the Lady Choctaws, while they were only able to score 18 off of ours.

As for the offense of the Lady Blazers Coach Grubbs says, “We have to do a great job of utilizing our screen action. Any screens that we set, we have to make sure that we come shoulder to hip off of it and put the ball in position so that we are able to get the ball to our scorers.”

The Lady Blazers were able to shoot 60 percent (15-25) in the first half compared to Mississippi College’s 46.88 percent (15-32) and 40 percent (8-20) in the second half compared to MC 37.93 percent (11-29). From behind the arc the Lady Blazers shot 28.57 percent (2-7) in the first half and 50.0 percent (3-6) in the second half, while Mississippi College shot 33.33 percent (2-6) in the first half and 75.0 percent (3-4) in the second half. The Lady Blazers were able to lead by as much as 13 in the second half with 13:02 to go in the game.

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