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VSU gets ready for heart health month

by Erin Martin

Valdosta State’s Wellness Program is promoting health during American Heart Month by hosting an event, Take Heart, on Feb. 27 in the Student Union Ballrooms.

The purpose of Take Heart is to raise awareness of heart disease and heart wellness. The Event will begin at 10 a.m. and include health screenings and information to all VSU students, faculty and staff. Tickets for the event are $5 per person.

After the screenings, there will be a luncheon and a panel discussion from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. In the panel for discussion, Sarah Fretti Thomas and Dr. Serina McEntire, exercise physiology professors, will focus on risk factors and ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.

In a survey conducted by former Arizona State University student Kristina Collins, college students are generally unaware of increasing risk factors of the disease; only about one-quarter of students correctly identified heart disease as the most common cause of death among men and women.

While heart disease is not common among college students, VSU’s Health Services notes the reasons why so many young adults may be at risk.

In our arteries, plaque buildup has already started, but there are factors that will significantly increase our chances of getting heart disease. Some of the main factors detrimental to our cholesterol are a lack of exercise, smoking, and a high-fat food diet.

Simple lifestyle changes like replacing high-fat foods with lean meats and fish can help develop a heart-healthy lifestyle early.

Also during the panel, Thomas and McEntire will demonstrate some effective exercises.

The recreation center at VSU constantly promotes these habits through programs in Health and Wellness.

From group training to personal training at discounted rates, Campus Recreation offers resources for students to practice better habits. The resources page on the rec center’s website also has health tips and popular “health myths.”

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