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Pop Addict: ‘Jinx’ arrested for murder, fashion police takes break and Zayn caught cheating…again?

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating?

Speculation has been swirling about Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, Katie Holmes, for over a year and a half. It now appears as if this may be more than just a silly rumor.

According to People Magazine, multiple sources have confirmed that the twosome may actually be involved. A photo was released of them *gasp* holding hands*gasp*

Although they are said to not be serious, it still makes for an interesting pair; especially considering the fact that Cruise and Foxx have been close buds for years. This should make things…awkward.

In not so surprising news: Zayn caught slipping…again?

It’s been less than two years since 22-year-old pretty boy, Zayn Malik got engaged and he’s been caught cheating on his fiancée…again. It was just last year when an Australian waitress posted a picture of the One Direction star in bed. Pictures have surfaced of him wrapped up with another blonde. He later posted a haiku on Twitter citing his age and how people are trying to tear them apart. Trust me Zayn, don’t give yourself that much credit.

UPDATE: Also in not so surprising news? Much like the last time the media latched on to his past cheating scandal, Zayn has yet again ditched his world tour obligations with his bandmates in order to go back home in the UK to “de-stress.” De-stress meaning: “I need to go home to grovel to my fiancée.” The Sun reports that he is taking a brief hiatus from the tour; missing dates in Hong Kong among the few. The remaining gorup members will go on without him.

Robert Durst Arrested

Hours after the airing of the final installment of HBO’s “The Jinx,” a six part documentary highlighting Robert Durst. Police came knocking on the 71-year-old’s New Orleans hotel room door to place him under arrest for the December 2000 shooting death of his friend, Susan Berman.

CNN reports that among the items found in his room were more than $40,000 in cash, a fake ID and a latex mask that covered his face and neck to alter his appearance.

Durst has been suspected in his wife’s disappearance 30 years ago. He also was acquitted in the murder and dismemberment of his neighbor in 2001.

During the chilling final moments of the documentary, Durst can be overheard mumbling, “What the hell did I do? … Killed them all, of course,” into his hot mic.

His trial date has yet to be set.

Kathy Griffin quits Fashion Police

Everything has gone from bad to worse for E!’s “Fashion Police.” It feels as if #WeedGate happened forever ago. Weeks after Kelly Osbourne left, Joan River’s replacement, Kathy Griffin has also stepped down from the show.
According to Billboard, the show has been placed on temporary hiatus until September.

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