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New style of gameplay for ‘FPS’ fans

“Battlefield Hardline” introduces a new way to play a “Battlefield” game in this interesting twist on cops and robbers.

In multi-player, instead of playing as an American versus a Russian, German or any other country normally pitted against another, you play as cops versus robbers who aren’t shy on using full-force to get what they want. This means that instead of a warzone arena, you are now put in cities with large skyscrapers and race against each other in cars instead of tanks. Because of this, a new mechanic has been added to accommodate the new environment—ziplines. These allow for fast travel as well as tactical breaching tools to get the upper hand on your enemy, and though the vehicles are not war-machines, you can still control a large variety of military weapons as well as helicopters.

Multiplayer does not take itself very seriously—mostly in part to the community that you will be shooting with or against—as you will find hilarious over-the-mic communications and silly exploitations others will use to make the game as chaotic and bizarre as possible.

In the single-player campaign, which usually takes up around seven hours to complete, you will have the choice to go in guns blazing, like any other “Battlefield” game, or you can use stealth to get the upper hand on your enemies. Stealth in the single-player game is actually more rewarding when it comes to unlockables, yet the unlockables seem to be aimed at firefight playstyles rather than sneaky ones. This is just a minor gripe, as stealth doesn’t need to be tweaked from when you start until you end the campaign.

Overall, it is very immersive and gives players options to dispatch their enemies in any way they want. “Battlefield Hardline” gets eight out of ten starts for fun and interesting multiplayer mechanics—as long as you don’t take it very seriously—and a satisfying single-player campaign that lets you play the way you want.

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