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New religious freedom: liberty and justice for some

by Kenzie Kesselring

Welcome to America! Land of the free…kind of.

Indiana’s governor, Mike Pence, signed a religious freedom bill on April 2. This law is bringing up some strong emotions from Indiana citizens who are afraid this bill might allow businesses to discriminate against same sex couples.

This act will allow business owners to refuse service to people if they feel the person is intruding on their religious ideals.

So basically, Indiana is one step away from turning around and heading right back to the 1950s.

“Over the past week this law has become a subject of great misunderstanding and controversy across our state and nation,” Pence said in an article in The Washington Post.

The law seems be causing a lot of confusion to Indiana citizens, and rightfully so. Any law that is passed that gives business owners the right to refuse service to anyone based on a religion is massive cause for concern.

The purpose of a business is to provide a good or service and get money in return. There is no reason that a person’s sexual orientation should stop them from paying money to receive a good or service no matter the religious beliefs of the business owner.

Religious freedom is something that should always be honored but it is never okay to infringe on someone else’s rights just because their lifestyle doesn’t align with a certain religion.

The beliefs of one religion shouldn’t impact the life of someone who doesn’t even follow that religion. This is America, the land of the free. That doesn’t mean freedom for some citizens, and not for others.

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