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Indie horror film, ‘It Follows’ delivers

Written by: Alex Corbitt, Staff Writer

Horror movies today are normally full of jump scares with obvious plot twists that are predicted halfway through the movie. “It Follows,” however, does something I haven’t seen in a horror movie in a long time: create atmosphere.

The story is somewhat weird and original, where the main protagonist has her first sexual experience, only to find out that the boy she was with was being attacked by an unknown creature. Somehow, this creature is transferred through sex, and unless you give it to another person through sex, it will follow you and kill you. As odd as the concept for this sounds, it actually was done pretty well.

The monster takes many different shapes and forms and can only be seen by the main protagonist, making any area or place that she’s in a possibly dangerous situation with no one able to help her. The idea of this alone makes you feel weak and helpless, as well as the idea that the only way to get rid of this creature is to cause someone else to deal with the same amount of torture.

Overall, the movie’s weird plot and heavy atmosphere create a good mix of horror that hasn’t been seen in cinema in a long time. I would say this movie does a lot right, but at the same time you have to hold back your suspension of disbelief.

“It Follows” gets seven out of 10 stars—something worth watching at least once.

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