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Commonplace for college career choices to change

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Written by Aldean Starr, Staff Writer

For most students, college may be a transitioning phase of life. And for this transition, new opportunities, friendships and obstacles may be created. Before college, a student has no idea what to expect. There may be fear of a fresh start with no guardian or excitement. Either way, college will help a student discover themselves more.

Students may go into college assuming that they want to pursue a certain career path, live a certain lifestyle, and only enjoy certain hobbies. But college can change these thoughts. An individual may take an interest in classes that lead them to another career choice, experience an atmosphere that would make them change their lifestyle, or join a certain club that creates new interests and hobbies.

Clubs are a great way to express and discover new things about yourself. They may also enhance an individual socially. So getting involved on campus is an important aspect when it comes to a college student getting the full experience.

John Hebert, a senior accounting major, said that before college, he had aspirations of becoming a defense attorney. College and other aspects of life helped him realize that that was not the route he wanted to take. Trying to pursue a degree in economics, he took business classes, but the classes only opened a door to help him find his passion for accounting.

“I was always a social person, but college has increased my confidence and made me a more social person,” said Hebert.

He also said that college has helped him learn the importance of bills and being able to provide for himself.

Landis Johnson, a senior music education major, also started college with a different career choice. He said that he had aspirations of being an engineer, but certain classes and participating on campus helped him realize that he wanted to take a different approach.

Through classes and being a member of Valdosta State’s band, he started to realize how passionate he is about music, and he is currently trying to pursue a career in music with hopes of becoming a band director.

“College is something every individual should experience, regardless of financial situations; it creates networking opportunities and prepares you for life,” said Johnson.

The college transition is like a door, and you may never know what is waiting for you on the other side unless you open it. So it is important to get involved and take full advantage of the college experience, not only for an education but for learning what type of life you want to live.

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