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“Scream Queens”; A bloody, campy laugh fest

Abigail Breslin, from left, Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd and guest-star Ariana Grande in "Scream Queens." (Steve Dietl/FOX/TNS)

Written by Jordan Barela, Editor-in-Chief 

Things are about to get bloody and bitchy.

FOX premiered its highly anticipated new series “Scream Queens” this past Tuesday and the two-hour premiere left viewers gagging. Literally.

“Scream Queens” follows blonde terminator Chanel (Emma Roberts), who gives Regina George a run for her money in the mean girl department. Chanel is president of Kappa Kappa Tau, the classic mean girl squad of a leader and minions.  She literally names her minions Chanel, followed by a number.

The two-part, two hour premiere starts off in a flashback to 1995. At a Kappa house party, one of the sorority members gives birth in a tub, and she claims she didn’t even know she was pregnant. In a Juno-esque line, she thought it was a “bread baby.”  Her sorority “sisters” leave her there due to their jam “Waterfalls” playing. Remember, it’s the 90s. She dies and it flashes to the present.

Twenty years later, Grace Gardner (Skyler Samuels) is on her way to college. She wants to pledge Kappa because her mother, who died, was a Kappa. And this point, it’s obvious that she is the daughter that was born in a tub, at a sorority house party, and she is not a “bread baby”. But hey, there is 10+ episodes left to find out.

Original scream queen, Jaime Lee Curtis portrays Cathy Munsch, dean of the university. She is hell-bent on stopping Kappa Kappa Tau. She orders Chanel to accept all pledges to Kappa, and this is one of the many scenes that employs Chanel’s unapologetic approach to people that aren’t blonde white girls as she has to accept even the “ethnics and fatties”. In fact, “Scream Queens” uses such crass and over-the-top humor that it made me feel guilty for laughing. The show even pokes fun at the stereotype of the white girl’s love affair with pumpkin spice lattes.

Of course, no horror themed program will be complete without a mysterious killer running rampant and murdering people one by one. That’s where a masked person in a red devil costume comes in, kitchen knife and iPhone equipped. SPOLIER ALERT: The scene with Ariana Grande and the killer texting before she is killed, and the killer standing two feet in front of her, texting her “I’m going to kill you now”, hilarious.

“Scream Queens” is nothing new out of the Ryan Murphy archetype. The only difference is that this endeavor is more comical.

No one is safe on the show, both comically and physically.

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