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Top Hollywood Sex Scandals of the past decade

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor

2005 to 2015 was quite the decade. From “leaked” sex tapes to extramarital affairs, no celeb seemed to escape without being linked to some scandal. Outside of Kim Kardashian’s tape, Cosby grossness and other obvious selection; here are some of the other top sex scandals that started a media storm this past decade.

Tiger Woods, his clubs and his gaggle of mistresses
In what could be considered the BIGGEST story of 2009, The National Enquirer released a story about an extramarital affair. Then like clockwork, more and more women came out of the woodwork accusing the golf star of infidelity. There seemed to be a new other popping up every other day.

The series of events that followed made gossip rag gold. This scandal had everything: affairs, multiple mistresses, a car crash and multiple Gloria Allred sightings. It was amazing.

Now, fast forward five year, Woods’ career is now seemingly circling the drain. He’s still a legend but his legacy just seems…tainted now. Woods himself admitted that his career is almost a wrap. Hopefully, once he decides to hang up the golf club, his perma-destress face that he’s been rocking the past few years will go away. Give this guy an ice cream cone.

Hulk Hogan sex tape scandal
Ten years ago, the video wouldn’t have been considered THAT big of a deal. But when The National Enquirer and Radar released new footage, all hell broke loose. Have to admit, that at least when it comes to potentially destroying his image, the Hulkster is pretty thorough. In just one video alone, he seems to be making sure to hit all his bases. Not only did the women he had sex with happen to be his BFF’s wife (Hulk was a married man himself at the time as well),  he threw around racist slurs, then he made sure to sprinkle in a few homophobic slurs. Based on past stories, the guy still has no problem letting his douchebag-ery fly. At least he’s consistent. It’s just too bad he couldn’t last lo- you what? I’m just going to stop there. *cough*
Immediately afterward, the WWE severed all ties with the Hall of Famer. Oops for him.

Kristen Stewart Gets Caught
Twilight actress, Kristin Stewart was caught in broad daylight (seriously?) cuddling up with her married Snow White and the Huntsmen director Rupert Sanders. The candid shots were so obvious that some people questioned whether it was all some elaborate ploy. As soon as the photos leaked, Twihards went bonkers. The crazy dedicated fan base made sure to show their support for the actress; spinning tales in attempt to excuse the scandal. In the end, Stewart and then boyfriend Robert Pattinson broke up, the cheating husband/father of two was sent divorce papers, and life moves on. Oh, and the ex-wife? Yeah, she just got engaged to a billionaire. Congrats to her.

Terrence Howard, his baby wipes obsession and a secret sadist?Terrence Howard claims that his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, tried to extort him for spousal support by blackmailing him with various sex tapes of the two. In the video, he and his then wife participate in some…interesting…sexual fetishes; that include chocking and degradation.  Ghent would then file a restraining order against the actor. But this isn’t Howards’ first brush with an assault case; whether it is with a random club-goer or with a significant other. Just…no.

Also, side note: If the above didn’t make clear enough: Mr. Howard has some wacked opinions of women. He said in an interview that he doesn’t like women who uses toilet paper instead of baby wipes, and if they don’t change to his ways? They aren’t clean; he also says that black women are ugly, claiming that they don’t bathe regularly. The list of these type of comments goes on and on. Dude is disgusting.

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  2. The Hulkster also has a video with his daughter’s friend. It’s amazing what fame can do for a man. lol

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