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Editorial: Timed parking spots cause too many tickets for students

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Imagine it is a Friday morning, and you only have one class for 50 minutes.

You are running a little late so you decide to park by the library in a 45-minute spot thinking, “Surely I won’t get a ticket for going five minutes over.” But when you get back to your car, low and behold, there is a ticket waiting on your windshield.

Does this story sound familiar?

We, the editorial staff at the Spectator, have taken note of this. Why would VSU offer parking for a time limit that’s not long enough for even the shortest class times? It just seems unfair for students that need a parking spot for a short class to have to go all the way to the parking deck.

At Virginia Tech, their newspaper staff suggests that the 45-minute spot be used for students that do not need a parking pass so that they have a spot for a short period of time. But they also found themselves not having long enough time to get back before they got a ticket. What if we just need to see our advisor or talk to financial aid? Those things could take at least an hour.

It seems that the timed spots are either too long for quick errands or too short for the shortest class times, and just serve as a ploy for parking services to make more money off of irritated VSU students.

The parking department could do two things to help settle the frustration of the situation. They could post signs around the timed spots stating that they are not meant for class or make the spot at least an hour to accommodate the 50-minute class time.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of students on this campus who have paid a pretty penny to come to school. They’ve blown money on books and other school fees including parking. When the main concern of many students looking for parking is trying to get to class on time, the last thing that they should have to worry about is paying for a parking ticket.

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