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Entrepreneurial student launches own brand

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/SPECTATOR

Written by Terrance Johnson, Staff Writer

Taylor Morrell, 21, a senior mass media major from East Atlanta, Ga., has created Hallelujah Trends, a brand that promotes individuality, creativity, and people being true to themselves. Upon meeting the Hallelujah Trends founder, you are almost instantly affected by the positive energy that she gives off. Taylor’s brand is a reflection of her personality, and the ideas that her brand promotes are ones that she also strives to live by.

The official launch of Hallelujah Trends was in August of 2015, but the vision for it traces way back to 2012. What started off as just stickers and buttons has transpired into a more profound vision for the young Taylor Morrell. She wants her brand to one day be recognized as one that actually impacted the way that people lived their lives. She plans to launch Hallelujah jewelry soon, as well as revamping the original black and white t-shirt for her dedicated followers. She is also planning to have her brand represented in at least one store by the end of the summer and possibly even sooner, as she is in talks with multiple owners.

Taylor Morrell comes from an entrepreneurial background as both of her parents own their businesses as well. Her dad is a sergeant for the Atlanta Police Department, but also owns a security business, while her mom is a realtor for film and television clients.

“I look up to my mother for inspiration. Everything I am is because of her,” Taylor said. Being a young, African American woman comes with its barriers, but Taylor takes on the challenge all while starting a business and still attending school.

“I am limited as a young black female entrepreneur because of society’s lagging response to white supremacy. With that being said, I strive past those barriers by encouraging unity, peace and non-discrimination. Each time someone from a different creed, color, ethnicity, or religion, wears one of my shirts, I am one step closer to breaking free of social stipulations and ‘barriers,’” Taylor said.

Hallelujah Trends, a brand strengthening peace, individuality, equality, and salvation, can be ordered on Hallelujahtrends.com.

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