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SGA partners with Texts.com to help sell books

Written by Jyrell Wynn, Correspondent

Why do college students pay so much for education, especially textbooks?

With texts.com, there is a solution because it is an online platform for students to buy and sell textbooks among themselves. The Student Government Association has teamed up with texts.com to make textbooks affordable by encouraging students to sell to other students on campus.

Texts.com is specific for only VSU students and compares prices to other online textbook sellers.

Student selling the textbooks will make money and the student receiving the textbook will get the textbook cheaper, so both students benefit. You can also check the condition of the book and can include your notes to pump up how much you charge.

Texts.com reached out to Valdosta State because “they were looking for colleges around our size” to bring their program to campus.

Colleen Kavanaugh, SGA vice president, was interested in the program and presented to the school senate.

A large number of the senators and students SGA have said they buy their textbooks from students instead of from the bookstore or ordering them online.

“As student government, we are supposed to be advocates for the students,” Kavanaugh said. “We want to make students as safe as possible and make everything really easy.”

If students want to take charge of their education, go to texts.com and make an account with your Valdosta State email address. There are no hidden fees. Students are advised to exchange textbooks in an open, safe environment.



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