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5 Top Best and Worst Dressed Athletes

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Erin Martin, Staff Writer

Our reporter Erin Martin offers her take on professional athletes and their styles:

Dwayne Wade has great fashion sense whenever he steps off the court. He comes in first on public polls, and in the popular opinion of many fashion critics. Wade along with his wife Gabrielle Union were named the Best Dressed Couple in People magazine last year for their coordinating outfits.

New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony is another distinct well dressed NBA player. He may have on shades or a trim hat on with his tux, but he always looks smooth and on point.

Lebron James can always be spotted with a nice blazer, and dress pants on. He isn’t the flashiest NBA player, but it’s clear that he’s always conscious of his fashion choices.

With Kevin Garnett’s longtime success with the Celtics, he’s also held a high regard for his savvy fashion. Vanity Fair and popular fashion magazines recognized him over the years for his consistent style and tasteful and refined suits.

Another fan favorite, Paul George was more recently noticed at the All Star Weekend this past weekend for his classic and clean cut fashion choice.

Russell Westbrook is sometimes known for innovating, but he’s also known for the random and wild pairings. In a USA Today interview he admitted that he’s sometimes the worst dressed, but says he‘s only being himself. With Westbrook it’s hit or miss, and we can never know what to expect.

“His fashion choices are wild. I’ve seen ponchos, and all kinds of stuff”, said Reginald Sargent, criminal justice major. He’s definitely a trendsetter; he’s just a little weird.”

Nick Young, NBA Lakers shooting guard is also on the list for his trendy, but often tacky outfits.

As much as I love the Bulls, Joakim Noah is another runner up for being the worst dressed athlete, and known for never quite looking put together. While the messy bun is popular, fashion critics seem to think his hair and relaxed style just looks messy.

Dennis Rodman is one of those NBA players whose fashion choices we’ve learned to accept or ignore, but everyone knows and remembers him for the flashy and wild costumes off the court.


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