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Five Mobile Games to pass the boredom away

Written by Evelyn Dunn, Staff Writer


Its break time, you have an hour before your next class and decide to go get a Starbucks coffee. While you wait in line, you might get on your phone to see what games you have to pass the time. The question is, what is a good game to play to relieve the boredom? It could be a puzzle, adventure, or maybe a strategy game that claims your attention. Here are five free games that will surely help you pass the boredom away.

“Hay Day” is an adventure game that simulates farm life. The objective of the game is to take care of your farm enough so that you can level up and expand. You can also unlock items such as new animals, more production sites, and decorations for your farm. According to Supercell, another aspect of the game is that you can connect with other players from Facebook and play in competitions with your neighborhood teams. The chance to find friends can make the game even more fun. This app can be used for iOs and Android.

“Cut the Rope” is a puzzle game that has been around for a while, and offers an addicting experience. The game is physics/chemistry based, where the goal is to have the little green monster get to his candy by using your finger to cut the rope in a way that drops it into its mouth. You need to get a certain amount of stars/score for each level to move on. This game is suitable for multiple platforms and devices, making the game popular. There are more themed versions available on the App Store, but the some of the originals can be downloaded for free.

“Clash of Clans” is an adventure/strategy game that requires players to build a town out of resources provided and to train troops and attack neighboring towns to gain money or gold. Players can team up to fight other clans together and participate in something called Clan Wars, according to Supercell. This way players can interact with each other, by trading resources and troops. This game is great for people that like to wrap their heads around strategy. It can be downloaded and played for free on iOS and Android.

“2048” is a single-player game that requires the player to slide blocks around to get to the ultimate number of 2048. It is not as easy as one might think, because with each block the player slides within the given space, another one pops up. This way if the entire space is filled by blocks and you are unable to move, you lose the game. You are trying to beat your high score every time you play, and the app saves your game even if you exit out of it for a while.

“Monument Valley” is full of optical illusions and requires the player to physically move the maps around to make a pathway for their character. The geometrically aesthetic maps are pleasing to the eyes and have the player really think in order to go through and solve the puzzles to finish the game. There are mysteries to be solved, and the walkthrough is fun and interactive. Which is why this would be a great game to stimulate brain function and relieve boredom.

These are just a hand full of gaming options, so if they appeal to you try them out. Everyone has different opinions of what is fun and what is not, but as long as they pass the boredom away, then keep gaming anyway.

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