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Airpods new way to use iPhone

Wireless AirPods are demonstrated following the product launch of the iPhone 7 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016. (Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group/TNS)

Written by Evelyn Dunn, Staff Writer

Apple’s long anticipated iPhone 7 does not have the audio jack and the EarPods provided can only be hooked up through a separate port. Apple is offering another option, the AirPods, but they come at a hefty price.

When the new iPhone 7 is purchased, there are a variety of things that come in the box. Along with the iPhone, there are brand new EarPods with a port and adapter to connect to the phone, resulting in a slightly more complicated way to listen to music and other such things featured by Apple. According to imroe.com, the reason the audio jack was removed is because it paved the way for the new version to be water resistant, which is definitely a positive.

For the people who do not like these new features, there is a headset that connects wirelessly, the AirPods. Unlike the EarPods provided, they can be used with a lot less complications and it is easier to access features on the new iPhone.

Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing explains that these new AirPods are going to make the quality of sound for the new iPhone top notch. They are also meant to provide a better experience with music, videos, shows, movies and mobile games. The purpose is to eliminate the constant struggle of tangled headphone wires.

Schiller states that the AirPods are going to be released in late October, and they will be selling for $159. Some may argue that this is too high of a price for an alternative way to listen to music, but what are the benefits for this new wireless option?

David Pierce of Wired reviewed that the new Bluetooth headsets works pretty well. He stated that although they do look a tad ridiculous sticking out of your ears like a couple of toothbrushes, they actually fit the ear to the T, and even stayed in while running. The main argument of the review was that he realized the sound exchange from iPhone to ears was not as high quality as Apple claimed it should be, in fact, Pierce stated that they sound pretty similar to the EarPods they provide with the purchase of the iPhone. Pierce concludes that if we have to pay over $100 for headphones, they should have one of the best sound qualities right?

Although this new alternative for the iPhone 7 has its kinks to work out, it does provide a different experience to how we listen to music. To pay $159 for headphones may be a bit excessive, especially if they might be lost within a month, but pricing does not seem to be much of an issue for customers who cannot stand to use the EarPods provided. All in all, let’s see what the AirPods have in store for us.


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