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Have a scary good time: Things to do for Halloween

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Written by Shanice Barnes, Staff Writer

Most of us couldn’t wait for Halloween when we were younger. Mainly because we got to dress up as our favorite characters and go trick or treating. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. There are plenty of fun activities that you can do by yourself or with a group of friends.

Fun activities at home:

Dress up:
If you just want to stay in, the perfect thing to do is be festive and dress up. You can relax and have a good night enjoying your own company

Pass out candy:
Now that it’s no longer acceptable for us to go trick or treating; it’s our turn to continue the tradition and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. Get your favorite book to read, or turn on your show and wait for the kids to come.

Watch scary movies:
Halloween is the best time to sit and watch scary movies, especially if you’re considering staying in this year. Whether you’re by yourself or watching with friends, a Halloween themed movie night is definitely the way to go.

Have a bonfire:
Grab some smores, hot chocolate, and a few friends and have a good old fashioned bonfire. Get some carved pumpkins and stick some candles inside of it to add a little Halloween flare.

Pumpkin Carving:
Gather your closest friends and bond over pumpkin carving. To make it even better create a contest between you and your friends to see who can carve the best pumpkin. Ready-Set-Carve!

Fun things to out:

Haunted houses/haunted trails:
Grab a few of your closest friends and prepare to be scared out of your mind in a haunted house or on a haunted trail.

Go to the movies:
Find that really scary movie that you been too afraid to see on a regular day and go out and watch it with your friends.

Go to a party:
Dress up as your favorite character and find a Halloween themed costume party to attend. Let loose, forget about your problems, and have fun being someone else for the night.

Plan a Halloween themed scavenger hunt:
Come up with an awesome Halloween themed scavenger hunt to partake in with your friends. Do it at night to add a little dramatic effect, but be sure to partner up and be safe.

Go to a theme park:
Halloween is one of the last nights that many theme parks are open, so take advantage of this last opportunity to experience all the fun activities that the theme park has to offer.


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