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Amazon throws in its attempt to get into the streaming world

Written by Tiana Foster, Staff Writer

ITunes, Pandora and SoundCloud allow people to listen to their favorite music from a high-quality streaming app. Whether at home, work or on the go, these apps allow the user to find music that matches their current mood.

Amazon has now entered the market by introducing their new on-demand music streaming service. Amazon is known to be one of the biggest online retailers of electronics, apparel and many other goods.

Amazon Music Unlimited is a subscription-based app, just like Pandora and others. It allows you access to millions of songs, new albums and thousands of playlists.

Amazon added a few incentives to persuade consumers to choose their streaming app over competitors. Unlike Pandora, Amazon offers on-demand ad-free music with unlimited plays and skips.

On the other hand just like Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited releases new albums and songs in the Digital Music Store on the day that they’re released online and in-store.

Amazon Music Unlimited does require that users submit to a subscription plan of $7.99 every month for Prime members and $9.99 a month for non-Prime members.

The music streaming service offers a 30-day free trial for those who are not quite sure if they will purchase the service.

Another advantage of this particular steaming app is its ability to be compatible with several devices.  Android devices, iOS devices, computers and tablets all support Amazon Music.

After creating the music service, Amazon wanted to give their loyal customers a slight advantage from new subscribers. Amazon Echo manufactured by Amazon was released November 2014. Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that is voice activated.

Although it looks like the normal Bluetooth speaker, Echo provides music, weather and news through the Alexa Voice Service. Owners of the Echo are able to purchase Music Unlimited for only $3.99 a month.

According to Steve Boom, vice president of Amazon Music, the company doesn’t have a firm stance on full-on exclusives and is still evaluating whether to pursue them; being one advantage Apple Music has over this new service.

The service does offer more perks if you’re an owner of an Echo speaker. Because the device is voice activated it allows a simpler way to shuffle through songs. The innovative device allows the user to have more of a personalized experience via voice commands such as: Alexa, play the song of the day or requesting “happy” music.

Users of the Amazon Echo will benefit more from the new service. The app also serves as a marketing tool to sell more speakers in order to utilize the music app to its full potential.

Some may confuse Prime Music to Amazon Music Unlimited. Although both services run through the same company, Amazon, they are different in a few ways.

Prime Music is an added service for those customers who already purchased Amazon Prime, a service that provides free shipping, access to movies and TV shows, music, photo storage and Kindle books.

The difference between the two is that Prime Music only offers roughly two million songs; Amazon Music Unlimited gives access to tens of millions of songs.

Boom likes to think of Prime Music as the introductory service and Unlimited as the full service.

Deciding whether to purchase Amazon new music subscription app or to continue using any other music streaming app is left up to personal preferences. The app has been successful since releasing and will continue to make improvements as time moves on.



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