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Not too late to be kind: 2016 election brought out worst

Demonstraters protest against Trump in Philadelphia Nov. 9. (Photo Credit: MCT Campus)

Written by Hunter Terrell, Staff Writer

The presidential election is and has been one of the most relevant reoccurring events in American society.

Barack Obama proudly served as president of the United States for two consecutive terms. He succeeded against John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008 and Mitt Romney and Joe Biden in 2012.

Many conclusions were made about his campaign—some said it was luck, or it was actually powered by ‘hope,’ bottom line is that Obama won the presidency with the largest margin of victory than of any other Democratic candidate in history.

Obama received the highest number of votes from African American, LGBTQ and other marginal communities.

“Obama is a people pleaser. He is charismatic, charming, educated, and for the better of the people. I am sad to see him go.” Jennifer Rubls, freshman, nursing major said.

As Obama’s delegation comes to an end, a nation is an affirmed split. Between the plethora of conservative followers of Donald Trump and many liberal Hillary Clinton advocates, no party was projected to have a clean sweep.

In the final showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Republican Party was declared victorious with 279 votes over 228.

“I did not want Trump to win. I wish people took this election seriously. To the people who wrote in ‘Harambe’ or ‘Hennessey,’ your vote is even more of a waste,” Felicia Suarez, junior, mass media major, said.

Jokes have been made public on all social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest.

Some people predict with Trump as president, white privilege will continue to reign and minorities will continue to suffer.

“I feel defeated. I feel like we could have tried harder, but we didn’t have a chance. I never gave up, but I do feel defeated,” Joshua Mills sophomore, history major said.

Others say the American economy and infrastructure will thrive.

The thing to remember is to not distress yourself over something that is no longer in your control. Do not belittle yourself, nor change your beliefs because it seems unpopular. If you ultimately feel dissuaded, stay strong, walk talk and stand together. Unified as a body, whether if it is under a regime or not, it is better than being alone.


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