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Editorial: Enjoy Thanksgiving, not sales

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Thanksgiving Thursday we sit down with our family, eat a big meal and give thanks for all of the good things in our lives. In the same 24 hours, before the food in our stomachs has even digested, we grab our wallets, speed to the mall and thoughtlessly trample our neighbors to death over a discounted television.

Why are discounts rated above safety?

It’s shameful. It’s Black Friday.

It seems every year the insanity worsens. Now the Black Friday madness has slowly started eating away at Thanksgiving. Stores start offering deals not just at midnight, but as early as Thursday afternoon.

Shoppers don’t think of the workers who have to skip Thanksgiving dinner to be there for people to get “early deals,” or the families who miss out on time with their loved ones. Then there are the individuals who feel they need to subject themselves to this foolishness just to afford Christmas presents for their children.  By the time everyone impacted is considered it becomes clear that we have diminished Thanksgiving all for material things.

What’s worse is stores claim they care about their customers by giving these deals but if they really cared, they wouldn’t create such dangerous circumstances. These retailers are luring people away from family time with deals, and they are doing it dishonestly.

According to the Wall Street Journal, most stores hike up the price before discounting it.  So that new hat you just bought for $15 at 50 percent off, was never originally worth $30, it has always been worth less than $15.  The only ones saving money on Black Friday are the retailers.

Time with your family should be more important than getting a good price on an appliance.  There are plenty of deals throughout the year, but only one Thanksgiving.

Appreciate the time off from school or with your family.  If you need deals that badly, just wait until Cyber Monday when you can shop safely from home.


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