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How to: Apartment Hunting

Written by Alex Dunn and Darla Dunning

In order to choose the right apartment for the right price, students must take many factors into account.

Students should consider the most convenient way to get to classes when they live off campus. The apartment should be within walking distance or close enough to make a quick drive to save gas.

Various aspects affect the pricing of an apartment, such as location, safety previsions, furnishings and floor plans.

According to Apartment Guide, some apartments have a pet policy where they are not allowed to have a pet over 35 pounds and have to be a year old. Also, some apartments do not allow aggressive breeds, such as German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and huskies.

In addition, one should see if the apartment has any additional pet fees. In some cases residents only have to pay a one time pet fee, while others require an extra payment with rent each month.

Pricing for apartments may differ, depending on what type of floorplan one chooses to rent. For example, if each roommate gets their own bathroom instead of sharing one, the price could become more expensive.

Other factors include having to pay separately for utilities, such as water and power. Some apartments may offer to include all utilities in the rent, so the resident will only have to pay one bill each month.

Amenities are another factor when choosing an apartment that could intrigue someone to live there. Students should see if the apartment offers a pool, fitness center or study area.

Ana Machado, junior and healthcare administrator major, picked to live in her apartment because of the amenities they had to offer.

“Everyone is so kind and attentive, the property is really up to date and it’s really nice being able to relax by the pool on a pretty day,” said Machado.

These aspects may not be a factor in the final decision, but they can help.

Fully furnished apartments are also convenient when students are on a budget. It definitely makes moving into an apartment easier. Students just need to make sure that the furniture is clean and in good condition.

Overall, future resident should really do their research when it comes to finding the perfect apartment. There a lot of aspects to consider, ones that can make or break your decision.

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