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Housing unveils summer changes

Over the summer, VSU has been steadily working on new updates to revamp the campus, but one department has had more than the rest: housing.

New director of housing, Dr. Zduy Chu, and the housing staff are partnering with other departments such as athletics and campus rec to create more events around campus.

“This year we have been a little more proactive, and RAs got to create programs they thought their residences would want to participate in,” Seth Sterlin, program coordinator for housing, said.

Housing is including new programs like sophomore communities, an effort to bring sophomores together, the new sign language department, a community that brings deaf students and speech communication majors together, and are bringing back Hallabalo, a yearly residence hall event.

“We have already set out our calendar for fall semester, and we are now working on spring semester,” Sterlin said.

Aside from events and new programs, the size of the freshmen population is very present. With some upperclassmen in Langdale and first year students being able to stay in Hopper, the roles have definitely reversed.

“We have noticed first year students tend to want to stay in Georgia, so we could either make more space in Georgia Hall or open more space in Hopper,” Mark McNalley, assistant director of housing for resident education, said.

For upperclassmen, Langdale Hall has been a cheaper option instead of staying in Hopper or Centennial Hall. The decreased amount of South Georgia State College students and influx of first year students has made a difference.

Converse Hall closing for renovations left Langdale and Hopper some of the main options for student housing.

Converse was expected to get a few upgrades, but contracting issues put the project at a stop possibly until summer 2018. Students living in Converse last year were sent emails regarding the changes and given the option for other living arrangements.

For the first time, the housing department has had to open temporary spaces for students to live in due to others being released from their housing contracts. After making some adjustments, those issues have been alleviated.

One day move-in was one topic of discussion for this year as well.

“Instead of everyone moving in on different days, one day move-in made a way for us to get all students here at one time and adjusted,” McNalley said.

This year, move-in made sure first year students were able to go to convocation, attend floor meetings and meet all of their new classmates at one time.

“We aren’t necessarily catering to first years,” McNalley said. “We’re just making sure they are comfortable.”

Though there have been some changes, this school year will also be packed with events and collaborations with other organizations.

“For any upcoming events this school year, there is now Blazer Link, an app updated manually for upcoming events this year,” McNalley said.


Written by Taylor Sutherland, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of VSU.

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