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VSU o-fish-ally has a sushi bar

Long gone are the days of single line cafeteria dining with the limited option of a bagged lunch or meal of the day. VSU offers more than six dining options to students and staff in Palms Dining Hall. The new sushi bar addition is catching the eyes of many students.

“Student feedback consistently indicated sushi as a desired food option on campus,” said Lynn Darsey, assistant director of operations and auxiliary services. “In response to student requests, we were able to incorporate a sushi bar on campus in Palms Dining Hall.”

Palms Sushi Bar offers a variety of options on the menu. It rotates three different rolls (including one vegetable roll) each week. California rolls being the most popular, and chef Allison Wiltse’s favorite, will make frequent appearances on the weekly menu. Students should expect to see options of crab, shrimp, vegetables, chicken and pork. There will be no tuna, salmon, eel or raw fish of any kind. 

The sushi bar does offer an avocado roll, fried shrimp roll, pickled daikon, avocado and cucumber roll, teriyaki chicken roll, BBQ pork roll, and an asparagus mushroom avocado roll. In addition to sushi rolls, the bar also offers spicy shrimp salad and Japanese salad.

Mixed opinions are expressed about the sushi bar. For instance, being unable to serve any meat that is raw or uncooked due to traditional sushi containing raw fish.

“I am a little disappointed that I cannot get a spicy tuna roll here, it is my favorite, but I understand the regulations the university has to go by.” Hope Simmons, a junior psychology major, said.

“I am so happy there is now a sushi option on campus,” Simmons said. “I love coming here for lunch. So far, I have only tried the California roll, and I really like them.”

Wiltse has been rolling sushi for two years and enjoys experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. She has a passion for serving people food they will enjoy.

It is known that sushi is not for everyone, so VSU dining does what they can to ensure there are options available to suit many different food preferences.

“Personally, I do not like sushi, so I probably will never go to that area,” Devyn Robinson, a freshman nursing major, said. “It’s okay though because I haven’t gotten bored with the other options and really enjoy getting something different every day.”

Students have given Palms Dining Hall positive feedback in regard to the option of sushi, and it looks as though it is here to stay. Come by and grab freshly prepared rolls from chef Allison Wiltse Monday-Friday from 11a.m.-2p.m. in Palms.

For a complete list of all options regarding dietary needs and preferences please check out their website, blazerdining.com.

Story and Photos by Jade Manning, Staff Writer.

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