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SGA introduces Blazer Allocation fund

As of this year, all student organizations must go through the Blazer allocation fund to receive funding but Dr. Vincent Miller, SGA adviser, said there’s nothing to worry about.

The Blazer Allocation Fund contributes money to organizations or individual students with special interest programs previously receiving less than $1,000 in the prior year.

Currently, SGA has a total of $30,000 to give away to student organizations.

Organizations and individuals have to submit a request to the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee. SGA then has the final say in which organizations receive funding from them.

“The Blazer Allocation Fund is a monumental step forward towards increasing student involvement on and off campus,” said Matthew Rowe, SGA comptroller.

However, there are requirements that organizations need to have to receive funding, which include that the organization must be active and on the current roster of Student Organizations.

According to VSU’s website, the requirements also include applying no later than three weeks prior to an event and all receipts must be submitted two weeks after receiving funding or after the event occurs.

Student organizations are able to apply for funding for the next semester if they need money  ahead of time. The requirements also say that organizations must have four members attend organization conferences to receive funding.

Failure to comply with the requirements may result in a one semester or year suspension from the date of funding approval.

“We are excited to see what the future holds and I am certain we will see enormous success with this new change,” Miller said.

The maximum award amount for organizations is $500 a semester. For individuals, the maximum award per student per semester is $300.

Organizations can spend funding on advertisements, rentals and props, money for gas and lodging, as well food when the event is open to the whole university.

No individuals or organizations can spend funding on personal or miscellaneous items, fundraisers, or charity donations.

“This fund allows students to have access to funding that they previously have not had,” Miller said.

According to Miller, the previous way funding was provided to student groups limited which organizations could access the funds and were only given out once per year.

“We are now certain that with this new funding, financial strain will not prevent student organizations and clubs from getting involved and contributing to the success of the University,” Miller said.

Now that SGA has the responsibility of funding, more organizations can request funds when they need it.

“There is no better person or department to oversee the disbursement of student funds besides the students themselves who were elected to represent the student body,” Miller said.

Written by Callie Pirkle, Staff Writer. Photo by Callie Pirkle.

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