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Review: iPhone X & iPhone 8 worth the price

On Sept. 12, Apple debuted their two new iPhones, the iPhone 8/8+ and iPhone X.

The iPhone 8 is an adaptation to the numerical iPhone series (5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, etc.). The iPhone X is Apple’s top of the line model, separate from the numerical series.

The iPhone 8/8+ comes in three colors, silver, gold and space gray. There are only two capacity options, 64GB and 256GB.  The 64GB edition is $649 and the 256GB edition is $849. A new feature that comes with this phone is wireless charging. It is made possible due to the new layer of glass added to the back of the phone.

Retina display has been one of Apple’s main focuses within the last four years, and this year isn’t any different. Now Apple has introduced the Retina Display HD software. This software makes pictures look clearer by boosting the screen accuracy of color, sharpness and contrast.

Apple has introduced several new filters to its iOS 11 camera update, saying that they provide, “dramatic studio lighting effects.”

The camera is now 12MP as well as image stabilization for photos and videos.

iOS 11 is “A giant step for iPhone,” said Apple. Screen-recording is one of the software updates that has Apple customers wowed. iMessage and Apple Pay also have some impressive updates.  An iPhone owner can now send money through Apple Pay to anybody with a simple iMessage.

There’s still no headphone jack, sadly.

The iPhone 8/8+ doesn’t come with facial recognition.

I would consider the iPhone X the “supreme” iPhones.

The iPhone X comes in two colors, silver and space gray. There are two capacities, 64 GB and 256 GB. For the 64GB expect to pay $999, and for the 256GB expect to pay $1,149.

Who needs a home button? The iPhone X comes without a home button, which made customers confused at first.

If you were creeped out by the facial recognition (we shall never forget the failure with its debut), then the iPhone is not for you. The facial recognition software feature is only exclusive to the iPhone X.

A TrueDepth camera is used to provide a map of your face at different angles in order to make unlocking the phone easier.

Besides the facial recognition, the iPhone X has the same features that the iPhone 8 has.

I feel as if both phones are worth the money depending on what or whom the cameras are for.

If the consumer is a person that doesn’t really care about the fancy bells and whistles, and only wants what’s new without spending a lot of money, then the iPhone 8/8+ would be a good option.

If the consumer is a person who loves technology and wants to have the latest iPhone release, as well as have some of the premium features that Apple released, then I would say definitely get the iPhone X.

Whether or not the consumer is interested having more color options, that’s an individual decision, but the iPhone 8/8+ would be the go to seeing as the X only comes in two colors.

I plan on getting the iPhone 8+, 64GB, in gold, simply because I want the new camera, and the fact that the color of my new phone will match my other apple devices.

Written by Jacorey Moon, Assistant Entertainment Editor. Photo courtesy of Apple.

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