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People Poll: Do you think SOI’s are beneficial?

“Though I can see the benefits of the SOI’s, I don’t believe they correctly convey the quality of the professor since the people who made a bad grade and blame the teachers for it are more likely to respond to the SOI’s in a negative light,” said Malik Barnes, a freshman jazz performance major.

“Personally I feel indifferent about SOI’s, but I feel like most student find it beneficial because you get to be honest about your professor and it stays anonymous,” said Anna Sullivan, a sophomore nursing major.

“I think SOI’s can be beneficial because they can be self-reflections for professors that can improve their weaknesses,” said Brandon Ross, a sophomore biology major. “Then again, I think it’s not beneficial because some teachers don’t care about SOI’s and pay no attention to students’ comments.”

“I believe they are beneficial because professors do change how they go about teaching and grading,” said Briana Todd, a sophomore pre-nursing major.

“I do believe SOI’s are beneficial because hopefully professors use them to improve their courses,” said Rob Simmons, a junior marketing major.

“I think SOI’s are beneficial because they give professors what they need to improve on,” said Jennifer Lopez, a freshman biology major. “It also helps them to know what works in certain classes and what doesn’t.”

Quotes and photos by Briana Salem, Staff Writer.

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