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Pop Addict: Golden Globes, #Timesup, Oprah

The 2018 Golden Globes Awards Show premiered on Sunday, Jan. 7: the theme this year was centered on solidarity and accountability.

The red carpet this year was not only used as a platform for a protest, but also as a place for voices to be heard. Those voices are a part of the Time’s Up movement. According to TimesUpNow.com, this movement is to bring awareness and battle sexual assault, harassment, and inequality in the work place. In Hollywood this past year, sexual abuse claims have been running rampant, and it was time for a change.

Celebrities, both male and female, wore black to demonstrate their compliance with the movement.

As far as the actual award show goes, it was decent. There were some interesting parts and some lackluster parts.

The award winners were:

Best Motion Picture, Drama: “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

Best actress in a limited-series or TV Movie: Nicole Kidman

Best Motion picture, musical or comedy: “Lady Bird”

Best animated feature film: “Coco”

Best Foreign Language Film: “In the Fade” (Germany/France)

Best Director—Motion picture: Guillermo del Torro, “The Shape of Water”

Best Screenplay: Martin McDonagh, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

For a complete listing, go to the official Golden Globes website.

Most viewers had a problem with the way that some films were placed and received awards. For instance, the 2017 suspense film “Get Out” was placed in the category for best motion picture, musical or comedy. There is nothing funny about that movie, nor is there any singing. So why was the film placed in that category? Why was the message of the film so severely overlooked?

With that being said, the most talked about event of the night is when Oprah accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award and gave her acceptance speech. A video of the speech on the Golden Globes official Twitter has been watched over 10.6 million times within a 2 day time span. Oprah’s speech addressed many of the problems with the entertainment industry and the culture of sexual abuse and gender inequality that has been thrust in to the spotlight.

Oprah is the first African-American woman to accept this prestigious award. She showed gratitude to the press for always relaying the truth, even though, in her words “the press is under siege.” Oprah also talks about the premise of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry, and how speaking your truth is the most powerful tool that people possess.

Overall this year’s Golden Globes Award show tried to make the first step towards changing the entertainment industry. It might not be a big change but as long as they have started a narrative then the change is imminent.

Multiple Twitter users were upset that the Netflix film “Mudbound” starring Mary J. Blige didn’t win any of its nominated categories, nor did “Get Out.” There’s diversity in the nominations, but where’s the diversity in the winners?

Asking for more diversity, acknowledgment of sexual abuse issues in the entertainment industry and making a statement are some of the big topics in Hollywood, and the Golden Globes helped celebrities make their stance on the issues that stick out to the viewers.  With that being said, I’m looking forward to the day when women and men don’t have to say #MeToo.

Story by Jacorey Moon, Assistant Entertainment Editor.

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