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VSU offers students virtual de-stress tool

With the first month of the new semester coming to an end, some students are already experiencing stress from their classes. There are many different methods to overcoming stress, which all college students are well-versed in. Now, VSU is offering a new alternative for stressed out students.

Look no further. The Virtual Relaxation Room is a useful tool provided for students to use in order to destress throughout the day.

The first option they offer is a 15 minute process. Students walk from the student union to the fountain on the front lawn. There are special, specific instructions that you are supposed to follow. These instructions include regulating your breathing, controlling your heartbeat and noticing how your senses change throughout the walk. The intention is to be completely focused and to not let your mind wander.

Another important point of the walk is to zone into your five senses (taste, touch, smell, sound and sight). Take it all in and breathe it all out.  VSU also offers links to videos for relaxation and apps for all kinds of cell phones, and anyone can use it.

Many students have already completed the walk and said the Virtual Relaxation Room was helpful.

“I’m much more relaxed and my heart rate has gone down since I began it,” Jonathan Williams, a sophomore biology major, said.

On the other had, it was not completely effective for all students.

Haley Garrett, a sophomore biology major, said, “It slightly relieved my stress, but I had a test and was still thinking about it in the back of my mind.”

“It seemed to help even if only for a few minutes,” Maggie Harper, full time dual enrolled psychology major, said. “It helped me relax for a short period of time in preparation to focus on the tasks I needed to accomplish for the day.”

Personally, I think you should try the stress walk. It only takes 15 minutes and helped to calm me down a lot more than I initially thought it would. If you can’t seem to find time to walk outside, you should visit the Virtual Relaxation Room and watch some of the videos provided by VSU. I think it would help with some of the stress of classes enormously.

VSU offers other alternatives to relieving stress, which can be looked up on their website. If the virtual relaxation tool seems to be the tool that could work for you, try it out! There are plenty of ways to relieve the stress from classes, but it is even better when your university lends a helping hand in that area.

Story by Savannah Oliver, Staff Writer. Graphic by Bethany Davis, Graphic Designer. 

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