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People Poll: Do you think teachers should be armed?

“Yes, I think it will create more problems,” Madison Hollified, a freshman early childhood education major, said.

“Yes, I think it will create more problems. Not everyone is mentally stable so we shouldn’t be arming additional people,” Deandra Gainor, a junior health administration major, said.

“No, I don’t think arming teachers is a good idea. Some students are very rude and disrespectful to teachers and I’ve seen videos of teachers losing it on their students. What if one of those teachers were armed?” Latricia Anderson said.

“Yes, I think it’s a good idea. Not all teachers should be armed but those who are qualified to be armed could create a good line of defense. When something like a school shooting happens the first responders to the scene are armed so having qualified teachers armed before the first responders arrive could be a good thing,” Jack Steptoe, a junior communications disorders major, said.

“No, I don’t see the point in arming teachers. Some teachers wouldn’t be able to handle or assess the situation and giving them weapons would not help,” Austin Hill, a junior accounting major, said.

Story and photos by Veronica You, Special Projects Manager.

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