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Protect yourself by learning the right self-defense moves

College campuses can be dangerous and it is important for both women and men to know how to defend themselves.

With Sexual Assault Awareness Month in full swing, students across campus should make it their mission to be informed not only on how to avoid sticky situations, but also how to protect themselves should dire circumstances arise.

There a few basic self-defense moves that everyone should know:

According to Life Hacker, the first step is simple: yell something like “back off” to your attacker and push them away. This will not only alert anyone who may be around that you need help, but will also show your attacker that you’re not easy prey.

Of course, you may not always get the chance to talk your attacker down. In that case, remember these key areas to most effectively escape:

Go for the eyes. Either by scratching with your fingers or spraying something in them. You are not only causing them pain and incapacitating them, but you are also temporarily blinding them to allow you to get away.

In other situations, hitting someone’s nose is a good pressure point as well. A palm or elbow to the nose will definitely slow your attacker down.

Another place to aim for is the attacker’s neck, placing the knife blade hand against their neck or even just an elbow to their neck will disrupt their breathing and enough time to get away.

Remember in any instance, use the full force of your weight at all times, whether you’re small or not.

Another place to strike is someone’s knee, specifically the side of their knee. Not only will this hurt your attacker, it’ll be harder for them to grab your leg to throw you off balance and it will most likely cause them to fall allowing you to run off.

Of course, if a man is attacking you, a hit to their groin will bring them down and allow you to run as well.

In any instance, your health and life are the most important things, always try to find ways to escape and in case of a robbery or something similar, be prepared to relinquish your money rather than fight.

Now, there are precautions to help avoid violence if possible:

Remember the buddy system, avoid walking alone at night and if you must, try to call someone to talk to or have 911 ready to be called.

Always let someone know where you are, this will give police somewhere to start if an investigation is in order.

Always be aware of your surroundings and try to never travel without a cellphone.

Carry mace or pepper spray, have your keys ready to unlock your car door, and walk where there are lighted areas.

Although some situations are inevitable, it is important to take as many precautions as you can and to know how to defend yourself if need be.

Story by Ladaezjah Warrens, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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