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People Poll: What is it like working or not working in college?

“I honestly think it makes it easier to focus on your grades and school when you have a job. It gives you the opportunity to take a step away from everything and take your mind off school for a moment. It’s also a good way to start saving up for the future after college.”

– Garrett Vanadore, employed senior mass media major


“It’s a lot easier to get involved in activities and organizations when you don’t have a job in college. I’d say schoolwork is also a lot less stressful.”

– Morgan Allen, unemployed junior psychology major

“I try not to take so many hours in school so that I’m not being overloaded with assignments along with working.”

– Chavayae Brown, employed junior massage therapy major

“My parents take care of a lot of what I need, but I would honestly prefer a job. However, I would say it is less stressful not having to balance the two.”

Griffin Domino, unemployed senior interdisciplinary studies major

“I guess it isn’t so bad if you have a good enough job to work around it. But my advice to the public is to go to a technical college and pick up a trade before doing a four-year college so you aren’t stuck working fast-food jobs trying to pay for college. That is where the struggle comes in.”

– Sam Mullikin, employed sophomore biology major

“It’s easier to focus a lot more on my classes and grades since I’m not having to balance it with work on top of everything.”

– Kevin Bennett, unemployed senior business major

Quotes and Photos by Ashlyn Simons, Class Writer. 

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