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Registration Trouble? Not with VSU’s Visual Scheduler Builder

Aside from the final stretch of classes, VSU student now have a new issue to contend with: Registering for next semester.

Unlike high school, whenever you meet up with your academic adviser, they do not schedule your classes for you. You have to do the leg work yourself.

From what other students say, hunting for your classes is not easy.

“It can get really annoying at times,” Karley Brown, an education major, said. “You look for the classes you need, and then you find it. Then, you find out that class doesn’t agree with your work schedule or you have organization meetings that day. Then you have to start the process all over again. Its time consuming, and I don’t even want to do it afterwards.”

Fortunately, the VSU Division of Information Technology listened to the complaints, and they have developed a tool that will build your scheduler at a fraction of the time: the Visual Scheduler Builder.

The best way to access the scheduler is to go to your portal listing on MyVSU. If it is not in the default listing, go to view all and click on the link. Then you click on the term you want to plan out and your preferred instructional method (in class, online, etc.). Then you enter a course name on the select course box and use the arrows under the generated results tab to move the scheduling options.

“The process is simple really,” Alicia Roberson, academic adviser, said. “You plug in the classes you need at the prompt, and it will tell you everything you need. It shows what time and days it is offered, if any two classes would conflict, how many people left can register and shows what your tentative schedule would look overall in calendar form.”

Not only does it have all of your classes in an organized list, the bottom of the scheduler has a shortcut for registration.

“While the scheduler doesn’t register you for classes, once your list is made, the bottom of the tool has the class CRN numbers,” Roberson said. “You can copy and paste them, and once you go to register for the semester on Banner, you can plug in the numbers at the bottom of the registration form. Instead of looking for your classes, you will automatically be enrolled.”

The VSB has already received positive reception, and the registration process has gone by much faster as a result.

“It made my life just a bit easier,” Brown said. “Now, I can focus on finishing the semester out and not scramble to get into a class before its full.”

It’s not too late. You can access the tool at this link: http://ow.ly/p8Qw50jwOCE.

Written by Malia Thomas, Staff Writer. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay. 

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