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VPD arrests 19-year-old man for vehicle theft

A request for police service led to the arrest of a teenaged man late March 12.

Leonard Shuman, 19, was arrested by Valdosta City Police Department after a caller reported that “he witnessed an unknown subject illegally enter an automobile in an attempt to steal.”

The caller reportedly “advised” VPD the crime occurred on the “private property” of an apartment complex nearby. Patrol officers arrived, met the caller and then proceeded to search the surrounding area for the “unknown subject,” now identified as Shuman.

After minutes of searching, the officers found a subject matching the caller-given description sitting in a vehicle “that did not belong to him.” VPD identified Shuman, a known resident of Ray City, Georgia, and detained him on the 1400 block of North Saint Augustine Road.

The officers reported Shuman for having stolen property from two different vehicles in the area. VPD took Shuman into custody, and, without incident, Shuman was driven to Lowndes County Jail.

Shuman’s warrant applications were presented to and signed by the Magistrate Court of Lowndes County. They were signed for two felony counts of theft by entering auto.

Lt. Adam Bembry said VPD welcomes citizenship and attempts to protect the community.

“The Valdosta Police Department is grateful to the citizen for seeing illegal activity and immediately requesting law enforcement assistance,” he said. “Also, the efforts of the responding uniformed officers are recognized as well.”

All information is courtesy of the VPD police report.

Written by Bryce Ethridge, Content Editor.

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