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Let's settle this: is the supernatural even real?

Ghosts Stories: Reality or Apparition?

The unexplained can be one of the most intimidating aspects of life. Whether it be hearing footsteps while home alone or random objects being moved from the initial place, sometimes weird experiences have no explanation.

These experiences often leave a little chill down a person’s spine. Could it be ghosts, or are the footsteps simply a figment of the imagination?

Students were asked to give a brief story behind some of their most odd, and possibly paranormal experiences. Although many said that they had experienced nothing out of the ordinary, the few students who did respond had chilling stories to tell.

Amanda Aguilar (above), a freshman at VSU, recalls an experience that left her slightly uneasy. “It was around one or two in the morning, so I know my parents or animals were not awake,” she said. “I just remember distinctly hearing footsteps in my kitchen. When I walk in to see who it was, I was met with an entire empty kitchen.”

Aguilar explains that this event was just enough for her to leave a light on from that night forward. “I definitely have a lot more respect and belief when it comes to any kind of ghost stuff now,” she said. “Every little sound my house makes now is enough to put me on alert.”

Feeling as if your own room is haunted can be a draining feeling. Unfortunately, this was how Madison Paulk (above), a sophomore psychology major felt after her paranormal experience.

“One particular night, I was just lying in bed when suddenly the whole energy of the room felt different and dark,” she said. “Like right after you watch a scary movie and you are kind of on edge? That was the feeling. Around two in the morning, I started to feel as if someone was watching me, and out of the corner of my eye I could see a black mass next to the end of my bed. It was shaped like a man, but he had no features, just a shadow.”

Paulk goes on to explain how the shadow figure felt “lingering and menacing” at the edge of her bed. Once she gained the courage to run and turn the light on, the shadow disappeared.

“I was so unsettled that I slept with my big light on all night,” she said. Paulk even did her research on “shadow figures”, which explained how many people experienced similar situations to her own.

Whether someone is a skeptic or a believer, when it comes down to the topic of ghosts, there are always interesting stories to be told. With Halloween coming right around the corner, every ghost story is a bit scarier than usual.

Everything from disembodied footsteps to menacing shadow figures are still topics that will always remain unexplained and intimidating.

Written by Logan Gullage, Staff Writer. Photos courtesy of Logan Gullage and MGN Online.

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