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Graphic by Bethany Davis, Graphic Designer.

People Poll: What does Black History Month mean to you?

Jo Lin Mac, junior art major

“In my opinion, I would say that Black History Month is where we remember and celebrate the achievements of African Americans. We also remember how they fought for us to be where we are right now. “

Tionna Cooper, senior psychology major

“It means seeing people of color in the spotlight for positive things. It’s always enriching to see how despite the odds people can prosper.”

Cortney Runyan, sophomore music major

“It’s a time to share information about and celebrate the people who’ve helped frame our way of life. It’s an opportunity for people to celebrate who they are, where they are based, and the people who helped get them where they are today. It’s an opportunity to share knowledge and history.”

Ester Fontin, junior psychology major

“Black History Month is a time to remember and honor our past generations of blacks from all over the world who made significant changes to the U.S and the world that still affect us to this day. It shows the journey and challenges that many blacks went through; no matter how much discouragement and scorn they received from others, they were able to face those issues and help provide a better future for their children and future generations. The primary importance of black history month is to celebrate the previous generations of blacks, not just the famous ones but those who have gone unrecognized; but, also to inspire future generations to make similar changes in the world.”

Written by Jaidenne Braggs. Photos courtesy of Jaidenne Braggs.

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