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‘The Witcher’ resonates with fans and pays homage to lore

Netflix has created a TV series modeled after the 1986 book “The Witcher,” the 2001 film “The Hexer,” the 2002 short series “Childhood,” and the 2007 video game “The Witcher.” Set on a fictional medieval landmass called the Continent, the series focuses on three main characters, Geralt of Rivia, princess Ciri and Yennifer of Vengerberg. Throughout the series, the characters’ stories are intertwined and shown using multiple first-person perspectives and several action/drama scenes.

Geralt of Rivia is the protagonist. As a magically enhanced monster hunter, Geralt’s character depicted as an emotionless outcast that makes a living disposing of monsters. During one of his many misadventures, he becomes eternally bound to the young princess Ciri.

He also finds himself frequently crossing paths with the quarter-elf sorceress Yennifer due to magical influences. All of this was done masterfully by a team of producers and screenwriters that may not seem like the best people for the job.

The series’ producer Michael Ostrowski has put together a capable team and captured the true essence of “The Witcher.” Ostrowski is an American television producer and screenwriter that is best known for his serial dramas CSI and Jericho.

The show is outside of Ostrowski’s regular genre and as a result, not many people expected his rendition of the fantasy series to be successful. Despite this, he manages to portray the fantastical theme well using a script, cast and overtones of drama that resonate well with the characters’ personalities and audience.

Ostrowski has managed to pay homage to the original work and make it his own with help from his scriptwriters and executive producers, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and Björn Hlynur Haraldsson. Hissrich, with previous fantasy show production experience, helped write the script in a way that the story would flow well and seem realistic despite its theme. Haraldsson, with his Icelandic heritage, helped make the script’s medieval aspects and speech more accurate.

The team also used dialogue and various scenes from the source material to develop the series’ story and characters in a scaffolded manner, gradually adding character and plot development throughout the first season.

“The Witcher” is also successful because of its actors. The actors adapted well to their roles and put a flair on each character that made them unique. From portraying their character’s mannerisms, to injecting their subtle quirks, the actors do an amazing job of creating the overall feel of the series.

They also engage each other in a way that sucks you into the events of the story. They are very dynamic and use a plethora of facial expressions and tones to convey the emotions of the characters.

The show is a 4.8 out of five because it was produced and well-casted. I took of some points off because the last episode of the first season is a little all over the place and some references get lost in the madness.

Written by Jaidenne Braggs, staff writer. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

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