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VSU classroom instruction will be adjusted

In-class functions will be adapting to Center of Disease Control guidelines as VSU returns to face-to-face classes this fall.

According to a recent summer orientation discussion answering parents’ questions about the changes VSU will be making during the pandemic, Dr. Rodney Carr, vice president of Student Success, discussed how classroom instruction will operate.

“Instead of putting 35 students in one class where students sit close to each other, we’ve looked at having a set Monday Wednesday option for that,” Dr. Carr said. “Part of the class will be in class on Monday and part of the class will be in class on Wednesday. It’s still a face-to-face class but there’ll be a hybrid combination. Some of our classrooms are able to spread you [students] out some.”

Dr. Carr also said that extra sections have been added to make class sizes smaller, and the schedule has been extended to increase class time.

“For those of you that are fired-up about taking 8 a.m. classes across the board, you may have to take a 2 or 3 p.m. class to be able to get that [class time] in there,” he said.

Dr. Carr emphasized that the VSU leadership team has spent many weeks developing these plans to ensure student safety.

“Your health and safety is critical to what we do,” he said.

Written by Isabella Schneider, Copy Editor. Image by The Spectator.

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