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Graphic by Bethany Davis, Graphic Designer.

People Poll: Do you think VSU should have started the semester face-to-face?

Ian Penix, junior biology major

“No, because of the way that the U.S.A. is handling the pandemic and the spike in coronavirus cases, it seems like a bad idea for college students, of all people, to come back to campus where social activities are still going to occur.”


Carter Gilbert, senior environmental geosciences major

“No, they also should’ve given people better opportunities to be virtual. Because COVID is transferred with close contact, being face-to-face forces a whole bunch of people to be either side-by-side in class or risk their education.”


Bryce Herb, junior, mechanical engineering major

“Yes, I don’t feel like the measures being taken at VSU are really changing the effect that it would have if we weren’t face-to-face. Since we’re meeting face to face half of the time anyway, reducing class sizes is all that’s being done to help it.”


Caetana Ricci, sophomore history major

“No, but I also wanted to come back anyway because staying at home and doing online classes isn’t for me. In that regard, I am glad we decided to do face-to-face but in the other way, I assume us being face-to-face is going to raise COVID cases very easily. Being face-to-face isn’t the greatest thing health-wise.

Story and Photos by Camille Grube-Hall, Web Editor

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