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Among Us: Tips on how to be the best play ever!

The game “Among Us” has become a sensation with college students and teenagers across the world. The goal of the game is to win, but depending on who a person is will alter how someone can go about winning.

There are crewmates and an imposter (or multiple depending on the game). The crewmates are assigned tasks to complete, once all crewmates have finished their tasks they win or have identified and voted out the imposter. The imposter is tasked with killing the crewmates before they finish their tasks, and once they have killed the majority of crewmates they win.

The crewmates have a numbers advantage in the game, but they need to avoid being killed.

Some tips to win as a crewmate:
● Do all your tasks. Even as a ghost complete your tasks to defeat the imposter.
● Pay attention to everything. Try and look out for anyone who is “sus.” An imposter will be faking a task.
● Look around with caution before beginning a long task.
● Travel with others so they know you are not the imposter and do not try to vote you out.
● Play detective. Ask questions in the chat during a vote, try and sleuth your way to voting out the imposter.
● Skip a vote if you are unsure who the imposter is. It is best to keep as many crewmates as possible in the game.
● Try to familiarize yourself with the map so the tasks become easier to complete

To win as the imposter you need to kill the majority of crewmates before they finish their tasks. The imposter’s hardest element is blending in and trying to convince other players they are also a crewmate.

Some tips to not appear “sus:”
● Pretend to do tasks (the game provides some tasks the imposter can complete).
● When defending yourself, provide an alibi. Tell the crewmates where you were and what task you were doing.
● Point the blame towards other players to shift attention from yourself.
● Support an accusation made on someone else to avoid being ejected from the game.
● Follow someone around, but do not kill them. They will most likely defend you later on if accused.
● Be careful who you follow and for how long. Do not follow a crewmate from the start of the kill cool down.
● Sabotage the crewmates. Shut off the oxygen, turn off the lights, lock crewmates in rooms, and set off the reactor. Do anything you can to stop crewmates from completing tasks.
● Be careful when venting. It gives you away as the imposter immediately.

Overall, this game is very addicting and fun to play with others, especially friends. Try to have fun with it. The chat can sometimes be a bit abrasive with public games, but do not take it personally. Have fun and enjoy the memes that have spawned from the game.

Written by Gwen Friedman, staff writer. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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