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The coronavirus still affects the world today and many students will likely return to school this fall in the midst of it.

Editorial: VSU Professors are adding on to the current stress of students

As we all know, life has been turned upside down thanks to COVID-19. Stress is at an all-time high nowadays. Do professors and other teachers care? 

With most classes being online, many would expect the workload to be easier and less overwhelming than what is expected in face-to-face classes. To students, it feels like some professors are piling on assignments with no room for a break. 

“It’s been stressful, I’ve had to drop two classes just to get through this semester,” Jalanda Freeman, a freshman music education major, said. 

As the semester progressed, VSU made the announcement that withdrawals from this semester would not count towards the five withdrawals students are allotted during their time at VSU. The new policy is posted on the VSU website, detailing that the waived withdrawal policy is only for fall semester of 2020. This was to help alleviate some of the stress that the new learning situation provides. 

While professors are also adjusting to virtual learning, as well as the restrictions with face-to-face teaching and surely have to deal with the stress of COVID-19 as well, many seem to be applying the styles of teaching that were implemented before COVID-19. Weekly assignments, strict deadlines and no extra credit. Have they considered their students’ situations? 

VSU faculty have been advised by administration to work with students during this stressful time, by extending deadlines and offering makeup assignments. The stress levels of the average college student are already high, but including COVID-19, the political climate, and adjusting to new life has surely added to the stress levels of a college student. 

Professors have not been catering to students needs by just going through the semester as normal. Many students have complained about the workload, about the lack of flexibility and the lack of compassion from professors. Some students have felt like professors are being more lenient. Tanya Altidor, a math education freshman, said that professors “extend deadlines a couple days before they’re due.” 

While adjusting deadlines on a case-by-case need is reasonable and doable, professors should also try to offer extra help to students, such as an extra lesson to function as a study session, or perhaps smaller assignments throughout the semester. These smaller assignments tend to feel easier and more doable to an already stressed student. 

Professors, students are stressed and burnt out. Try to be more flexible and helpful with your students. Students, remember it is OK to drop classes and take a break.  

Read more on VSU’s COVID-19 withdrawal policy here.

This editorial reflects the general opinion of The Spectator staff. 

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