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People Poll: How did you feel about the Inauguration?

Julianna Massey, Junior, Business Management

“I’m really glad that with everything that was going on that President Biden was able to get into office Ok, and there weren’t any attempts on his life. I’m glad everything went smoothly.”


Jasmine Haynes, Freshman, Psychology Major

“I was ready; it’s been a long day coming! We’ve been waiting, and he has a female Black Vice President. It’s just something you’d never think you’d see in 2021. He (President Biden), has folks in office that can relate to me. Everybody that’s been in the office doesn’t look like me, does not think like me, didn’t have to grow up like me. The fact that she looks like me, and the fact that she’s had to go through some of the struggles I’ve went through, she’ll understand and it makes me feel better. S**t might not change, but it makes me feel better at the end of the day.


Andrew Englin, Junior, Applied Mathematics Major

“I didn’t watch (the inauguration) but I was worried because I saw all the security stuff, and they’ve never really done that before. I was watching to see if anyone was going to do something like we saw a couple weeks ago. I know why people didn’t like Trump, and I know why people don’t necessarily like President Biden either. I feel like people disliked Trump a lot more than they do Biden so it seems like a better choice.”


Charles Eaton, Sophomore, Business Management

“I was very relieved to have Joe Biden sworn in. I thought they did a really good job with organizing it, (inauguration) with COVID policies, and masks. I watched the ceremony so it was nice seeing the different celebrities come out. I enjoyed it overall.”


Markell Dean, Senior, Biology Major

“Based on what I heard, and all the other information I’ve seen, it was good. I feel like the whole election as a whole and the months past could’ve been better. I hope everything goes the way it should, and nothing ruins people. The inauguration itself was just right.”

Written by Carleigh Parker, Assistant Social Media Editor. Photos submitted by students/taken by Gwen Friedman.

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