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Enactus blazes with café reopening

On March 1, Business Bites has reopened with a new name, Blazin’ Café, in Pound Hall in room 1001, which is hosted by a student organization called Enactus.

Enactus is an international nonprofit student organization that is dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action, which allows students of all majors to join.

“Enactus is a nonprofit organization and it also has a class,” Courtni Campbell, co-president for Enactus, said. “What the class does is we take everybody from that class and create volunteers from that and we help them to progress in their business.”

The organization has two non-profit business currently open on campus: Kulture Kampus and Blazin’ Café.

Blazin’ Café is a now reopened and renamed non-profit business with low prices and is opened from 7:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m. It has breakfast and lunch foods like waffles, pancake bites, hotdogs and nachos.

The business doesn’t use flex or dining dollars because the café is a non-profit that puts their money in a savings account to help other businesses.

“Enactus created [Business Bites] to put all of the profits in a savings account called Business Builders,” Campbell said. “We would use that to help entrepreneurs to start of their businesses.”

With the savings account, the organization helped a business in Kenya make a chicken farm called Harvest Hub. Volunteers of the organization were able to go to Kenya to make this business for improving lives of the community through sustainable chicken farming, according to the Harvest Hub website.

Kulture Kampus is another non-profit business that sells authentic African clothing, which has started from the Business Builders savings account.

The organization also has other non-profit businesses that had to be closed due to COVID-19.

“Before COVID, we had Hudson Dockett and Ora Lee West which they were helping children,” Campbell said. “They were community centers that we paid for and we helped the kids after school with their homework and stuff, which are kids from lower income housing.”

Enactus also had the Green House Project where they grew food and gave it to the people in a homeless shelter. It also has an aquaponics system in the green house, which benefits both plants and fish by providing nutrients to plants through the fish and the plants filter out water for the fish.

Enactus hopes to reopen their projects soon and hope for more students of all majors to join their organization.

“It somehow been condensed to North Campus,” Jocelyn Wood, co-president for Enactus, said. “Like, you can only be in Enactus if your major is based on North Campus, which is completely not true. I’m one of the presidents, and I’m a biology major. There are opportunities that you can get from Enactus if your major isn’t based on North Campus.”

Written by Kilie Huckleby, Campus Life Editor. Photo courtesy of Kilie Huckleby.

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