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Feature: Lakeland native releases third season of animated Netflix series

Waco O’Guin, an American comedian, animator and former VSU student, has signed a deal with Netflix.

O’Guin released a new season of his animated series “Paradise PD” on the platform on March 12.

Growing up in Lakeland, Georgia, O’Guin always had an admiration for drawing animated characters, even winning a national award as a kid for his drawing of Homer Simpson.

The first season of his show, “Paradise PD,” premiered on Netflix in August 2018. The platform renewed the show for a second season which then premiered in October 2020.

O’Guin said “Paradise PD” is about a group of misfit small town cops and went into detail about the creative process for his animated shows.

“We write for about eight weeks to plan out the season and get scripts before our first table read. After the read, we rewrite the script and record it. After editing the audio, we hand it off to one of our directors, who creates an animatic.” O’Guin said.

After creating the animatic, it is then sent to Bento Box Atlanta, an animation studio, to create the show’s color animation.

Along with “Paradise PD,” O’Guin is also planning to release “Farzar,” an animated sci-fi comedy series, on Netflix.

“Farzar is a sci fi show where a prince named Fichael realizes his father, the czar, isn’t such a great guy,” O’Guin said.

The release date for “Farzar” has not been announced officially, but O’Guin said the show could air in approximately a year.

O’Guin was also involved in creating the series “Brickleberry,” which was his first animated show. It premiered on Comedy Central in September 2012 and also was picked up by Netflix.

“Brickleberry” is no longer on Netflix or Comedy Central after being canceled after three seasons.

O’Guin said getting a deal with Netflix has been the best experience of his and his colleague’s carrers.

“Paradise PD” and ‘Farzar” will be O’Guin’s second and third animated series to be premiered on Netflix.

“Just Paradise and Farzar for now,” O’Guin said when asked if he and his team were working on any other projects.

When asked what he hoped to achieve with creating these animated shows, O’Guin said he hoped to just make people laugh, also noting that it provides him with a job.

In his years at VSU, O’Guin said that he also helped work on a comic strip called “Inebriated Koala,” which was published in The Spectator.

Story by Katie Rutherford, staff writer. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

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